clinical services

As a clinical psychologist, I provide individual and group psychotherapy, as well as consultations and supervision. 

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individual therapy

In one-on-one therapy I work to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for us to identify and address your specific concerns and goals. Through exploration of your past and present experiences, we aim to gain insight and understanding into your current stressors. Therapy can both help to relieve uncomfortable symptoms, and increase confidence and general life-satisfaction. Sessions are 45-minutes and occur weekly, or more frequently when appropriate. 

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group therapy

Group therapy is a unique experience involving trust, openness, and understanding. Groups can have a uniting theme, or can be a more general space to process group interactions. Benefits of a group include skill building, support from others in similar life situations, and opportunities to provide and receive social feedback in a safe space. This feedback is a unique aspect of group therapy, and a part of what makes the experience so useful.  

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I provide consultations in a number of formats. A consultation may be appropriate if you are seeking answers about a diagnosis, are looking for treatment recommendations, or are concerned about a friend or family member. A consultation is often more short term and action oriented than individual therapy. I also offer clinical supervision to young professionals in the DC area.